Taking Entrepreneurship 

to New Levels

Jumping headfirst into the professional world as a first-time inventor or entrepreneur isn’t always simple. You have to establish yourself as a credible and growing operation while meeting specific requirements, gaining new customers and employees, and determining what factories would work best for your production. 


That’s where we step in.

Tumalo Group was designed to be your first stop to success in your new business venture! Our team offers a broad spectrum of services that you need to have in order to become a fully functional and successful operation.

Our Services

Getting started on your new business may seem like an impossible venture. You need an expert team on your side to help you to reach your goals. Today, Tumalo Group is your opportunity to thrive in your new operation with:

Factory Sourcing

 First-time inventors nearly always have trouble determining the best factory to produce their new products. With Tumalo Group, you have the chance to say ‘goodbye!’ to your endless factory search. For over 13 years, our team has determined the best quality factories to help set your production into action. 

Industrial & Graphic Design 

 Need a bit of assistance with your product and packaging design? We’re the team that you need. Tumalo Group is guaranteed to help you to find the ideal designs for your entire production process so that you will sell more faster than ever. 

Amazon Sales

 We’ve got the know-how that you need in order to make a killing on Amazon. With Amazon being the largest online retail platform, you can never underestimate the power of becoming an established seller on the site. 

Are you ready to take your new entrepreneurship to the next level? Get in touch with us and discover more about what Tumalo Group can do for your new business!

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